These general Terms and Conditions (later reffered to only as “Terms and Conditions”) adjust rights and obligations of Contracting Parties stemming from the sale contract concluded between the seller, which is student company YOMA (later reffered to only as “seller” or “YOMA”) and the buyer, object of which is the sale and purchase of a product, including sale and purchase by means of internet site of online shop of the seller.


1. General provisions

a. All provisions included in this part are applicable to all contracts negotiated between the consumer (also reffered to as “client” or “buyer”) and the company YOMA not regarding their legal content and are based on existing legislations. Changes may only be made in form of written provisions signed by the client and YOMA. Terms and Conditions of YOMA are published on the website under “Terms and Conditions”.

b. Terms and Conditions are integral part of the sale contract. They come into effect from the moment of beginning the purchase and they expire on the day of destruction of YOMA. All the sales contracts are not valid outside of this time period.

2. Rights and obligations of the seller

a. The seller is obliged to accept the purchase within 5 days after the purchase was made.

b. The seller is obliged to deliver the purchased product within 30 days after the purchase was accepted.

c. The seller is obliged to refund the money within 14 days if the buyer is able to present a receipt confirming the purchase.

d. The seller has a right to reject point 2c if the product was clearly damaged by the buyer.

e. The seller is obliged to provide a 2 year warranty on all of his products. This warranty is aplicable only when there was a sewing mistake, the product’s size was incorrect by more than 5mm, the product was sold in wrong color or other mistakes that were not cause by the buyer were made.

f. The seller is obliged to investigate every warranty claim within 30 days after the claim was made, including accepting the claim and refunding the money or providing a discount on next purchase in the value of the product that was the subject of the warranty claim.

g. The seller has also rights and obligations included in Privacy Policy.

3. Rights and obligations of the buyer

a. The buyer has the right to make a purchase and a warranty claim either on the website or by email. The buyer has also right to sign up on the website and refresh their password. Further rights and obligations involving the website and privacy can be found in Privacy Policy.

b. The buyer has the right to request full refund if the point 2a or 2b was violated. If the point 2b was violated because the buyer was unable to pickup his purchase on his post office he no more has this right.

c. The buyer is responsible for every damage cause to the product, except the damage made to the package, that was caused by non-standard usage of the product.

d. When the buyer is making a warranty claim he is obliged to present a receipt confirming the purchase. If he is unable to do so the warranty claim can be rejected by the seller.