Your ommision matters

You have to make choices always. It's about the omission of something for the sake of another.

Edward Zwick


The twentieth century has been dubbed the “plastic age“. Nowadays, plastic has mostly replaced natural materials. It's not only during the manufacturing process when plastic affects people. It continues to have an influence on them even whilst being used. Everyone should think about that.

  • When we dispose of plastic, lethal (carcinogenic) substances - dioxins and related compounds - are released into the atmosphere.
  • Dioxins cause severe damage to human health and are detrimental to the environment.
  • The possibility of recycling plastic is very limited.
  • It takes ca 500 years for plastic to decay naturally.
  • Most of our plastic waste ends up in the ocean.


Linen fibers are extracted from the stems of a plant called Flax. There are no chemicals used during the processing of linen. Farming flax requires no fertilizers or pesticides.

  • It is currently considered the most ecological kind of textile.
  • It is the strongest and firmest natural fiber.
  • Strong and damage resistant.
  • The properties of linen get better with time and use.
  • As a non-electrically active substance, it does not attract dust, it is therefore antibacterial.

YOMA covers

We present to you an opportunity to build a more ecological future. YOMA covers will protect not only your exercise book, textbook or your favourite novel but also our planet, the Earth, from a plastic flood. Start using linen covers and show not only to yourself, but to others as well, that you care about the world around you.

  • Protect your exercise book/textbook/book from physical damage.
  • Protect an excercise book from fluids.
  • Are made of ecologicall natural material.
  • Their production doesn't affect the environment.
  • During their production, no toxic substances are released into the atmosphere.